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Compare Foam


General Purpose Foam

Polyurethane Reaction (PUR)Rigid Closed Cell Foam

Density 35kg/m3Available in blocks or sheets or custom cut

Insulation and Refrigeration

Buoyancy for boat building, buoys, pontoons and docks

Fibreglassing/Composite fabrication

Custom profiling into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Sculpturing and mould making.

Stage and movie props and sets

Advertising and signage

Hard Foam

Polyisocyanurate Reaction (PUR)Rigid Closed Cell Foam

Density 75kg/m3Available in blocks or sheets or custom cut

Insulation, buoyancy, fibreglassing and mould making as per General Purpose Foam.

With fibreglass laminate hard foam can is a lighter replacement for MDF/plywood in non-structural applications.


Insulated pipe supports

Form work

Shower hobs

Finer detailed architectural models

Pour Foam

Polyurethane Reaction (PIR) Rigid Closed Cell Foam

Density 35kg/m3Two part 1:1 pour system available in 1kg to 40kg kits


Void filling to prevent pests and sound dampening

Floatation and buoyancy

Model making

Film and studio effects