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Which foam do you require?

General Purpose Foam

Polyurethane Reaction (PUR)Rigid Closed Cell Foam
Density 35kg/m3
Available in blocks or sheets or custom cut Contact for Technical Specifications

Properties and Benefits

  • High performance insulation material with minimal occupation of space.
  • Low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance and minimal loss of insulation properties over time.
  • Low water permeability and moisture absorption. It does not rot or support the growth of mould and has no food value for vermin or termites.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • High compressive strength
  • Fire retardant additive
  • Strong, light weight and easy to handle. On site PUR can be cut with ordinary hand tools.
  • Dimensionally stable with low vapour transmission.
  • Durable with a life beyond 50 years.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures (-60o to 90o)


Insulation and Refrigeration

Especially suited to insulation when there is a need to maximise space

  • Wall insulation
  • Cold room/store insulation
  • Container insulation
  • Pipe insulation
  • Tank insulation
  • Air conditioning lining boxes


Positive buoyancy properties for

  • Boat building (both fibreglass and alloy boats)
  • buoys, pontoons and docks

Fibreglassing/Composite fabrication

  • A wide range of adhesives can be used and PUR can be covered with paint, adhesives and glassed with polyester resins.
  • Form work for fibreglassing

Custom shapes

  • Custom profiling into a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Ease of shaping for sculpturing and mould making.
  • Stage and movie props and sets
  • Advertising and signage
Read more about Custom Cuts

Hard Foam

Polyisocyanurate Reaction (PUR)Rigid Closed Cell Foam Density 75kg/m3

Properties and Benefits

Hard foam has all the properties of General Purpose Foam in addition to

  • Greater flame resistance
  • Greater compressive strength
  • Lower thermal conductivity


Hard foam can be used for insulation, buoyancy, fibreglassing and mould making as per General Purpose Foam.

In addition with fibreglass laminate hard foam can is a lighter replacement for MDF/plywood in non-structural applications.

Hard foam is also used for:

  • Insulated pipe supports
  • Form work
  • Shower hobs
  • Finer detailed architectural models

Pour Foam

Polyurethane Reaction (PIR) Rigid Closed Cell Foam Density 35kg/m3

Two part 1:1 pour system (available in 1kg to 40kg kits)

Properties and Benefits

  • Impervious to solvents
  • 94% closed cell
  • Minimal water absorption


  • Provides insulation
  • Great for void filling to prevent pests and sound dampening
  • Floatation and buoyancy
  • Model making Film and studio effects